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NowJax: Launch Discussions

Yesterday, I spoke about outcomes of NowJax. It would definitely be nice to see them come to pass. Not for my own good, but for the betterment of others.

I have been studying the scope and themes of others similar to that which I hope to host. I must say many of them are impressive with deep-pocket sponsors. As I have afore mentioned. No project win-no symposium. There is too much to accomplish without the support of exposure.

Is this an easy way out? I don’t think so. I am just being upfront about how I am managing my expectations in this regard to the event. No sense in getting all worked up, if there is no work to get all worked up about.

I hope NowJax can move beyond from just being one day to three days. There, I said it. Three days of power-packed intensives to help create jobs. Yes, I still want the team from Rockethub to come. Yet, I think there is so much that can be added to help launch creatives.

Here is a brief run down of a few additional areas that I have been considering for launch discussions.

  1. Someone to talk about blogging.
  2. Someone to talk about pitching your ideas.
  3. Someone to talk about creativity.
  4. Someone to talk about fundraising.
  5. Someone to talk about video/photography.
  6. Someone to talk about forming a team.
  7. Someone to talk about social entreprise.
  8. Someone to talk about apps.
  9. Someone to talk about ______________.

Yes, I have names for some of the talks in mind. For now, I’ll just leave it as is. More news to come in this journey.

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