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The FIFA World Cup is here! I’m excited because TEAM USA is playing, I’m a sports, and it’s an opportunity to learn about something new. Growing up, I wasn’t exposed to soccer as a sport so I never really took an interest in it. I saw it on TV, and we played a few times in P.E., but it wasn’t something that I took up.

I’ve been told it’s the toughest sport to play because of the demanding physical activity involved.

But here’s one of the great things I’m looking forward to: I get to learn something new. Not just for knowledge sake, but to add value to your life. I’m not sure who said it, or maybe I’m just making it up, but it’s true: “If you stop learning, you have nothing to share with the world.”

I can’t write much about the FIFA World Cup, because I don’t know much about it. Except- GO USA!

Here are three reasons why you should learn something new:

1.  It gives you something else to talk about as opposed to the same old stuff.

2. You don’t have to smile and nod without knowing what’s going on.

3. You can share the new knowledge with someone else.

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