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Leverage The Necessary

If there is one constant I’ve discovered about life is the undeniable fact that too often times we devote too much attention to the unnecessary.

Sure, there are things in life that we must do to maintain day-to-day living. However, after those few tasks are complete they are done, finished, should not be touched again until necessary.

Leveraging anything means that you maximize that which is needful to achieve a desired goal (this definition is not found in Webster).

There will always be activities that consume our time that may not fit in the most important tasks column. Yet, we must maintain focus on that which brings us closer to fulfilling our purpose in life.

My challenge to all of us is that we strive to look at that which brings us closer to alignment of our assignment, not that which takes us away. There is power in agreement. Allow me to re-phrase. There is power in agreement in that which is necessary.

Do those things today that bring you closer to what God has called you to do. Watch him move on your behalf!

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