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Manage Your Relationships

If there is one tidbit of advice that I can share with church planters that I’ve learned thus far, it’s this…..learn the skill of managing your relationships. There are so many pieces of the puzzle that must fit together; your ability to effectively manage these components is vital to the success of your efforts.

The people you interact with all have different personalities: the people you work with on an administrative aspect of the church, the creative team, and those that just want to see change in our communities. They all, for the most part, are well intended. Yet, if managed improperly can cause a good thing to turn into a bag of sour apples.

Have you taken the time to seriously consider what’s working well in your relationship management and what’s not? It may be the difference in moving forward at a good pace or a lot of stop-and-go kinda stuff.

This isn’t always easy I know. Persue balance in these areas. Most people will respect the fact that you don’t have all the time in the world to devote your full attention to them 100%.

Yes, some relationships you may have been severed unintentionally. They can’t be mended. Learn from the mistakes of your past and move on. This is why God’s grace is so significant!

Make the rest of the year an attempt to improve and sharpen your skills in relationship management.

Leave a comment on the tips your using to keep all the pieces of the puzzle together in your relationships.

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