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Menisa’s Short List

By now some of you may have read my post or tweet asking you to keep Menisa Sakopta in your prayers. Well, the truth is, as far as I can tell she needs more than just our prayers. Manisa needs our hands. What do I mean? She needs folks with a heart to step up and provide tangible assistance.

I don’t know much about surgery to remove a bullet or any type of physical rehabilitation. However, I can imagine that she is going to need resources to help pay for two things:

  1.  Funds to pay for her surgery
  2. Funds to pay for her follow up care

I do not know Sujan or Menisa Sakopta, but I do know what it is like to have need. Who doesn’t? Sure, this list can be too much (which I doubt) or it could be too little (which is likely the case). The point is….this family is in desperate need of hands.

I have a desire to help this family beyond words and prayer.

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