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This video, as adequate as it is, doesn’t hit the spot for how passionate I am about impacting the community. However, I must say it does come close. Very close. I firmly believe that in order for our communities to improve and prosper there must be a stand of responsible people that will engage in the work to make a significant difference in the lives of others. Don’t get me wrong, there is an equal part to play in each of us.

My point is that many have the heart to do good, yet may lack the skill to get the work done. Or the may have the heart and the skill, yet lack the navigational skills to bring them to a place of contentment with where they want to be in life. We all have a journey to take in life. By no means have I arrived. I press to be all HE desires for me to be. What intrigues me about this video is the good work taking place to help individuals with microgrants. Not loans, grants. The grants come along with coaching and mentoring too.

The work of Microgrants looks like a tremendous example of social enterprise. For more information about this effort click here.

I continue my quest to make an impact in this I love- Jacksonville, FL.

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