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Month #1

Month number one of 2009 has been super busy! I think the only day I truly rested was the first day of the year….that’s not healthy. Every day was filled with stuff gearing up for Community Service Project #1.  Every day is a battle to maintain a healthy balance between spending time with God, devoting quality time with my family, and ministry. Even my tweets have been slow lately.

Since Community Service Project #1, I’ve really tried to focus on what’s important and building a launch team. Not too mention, gearing up for Community Service Project #2.

One lesson that I’ve learned is to say NO. No to stuff that derails me from my purpose and mission in life. It’s funny how people try to suck you into doing stuff that really doesn’t matter. I think it’s helpful to be helpful, but when you’ve got a course to keep, it’s better to stay focused. Life can’t be put on pause.

Pastor Shaun King thanks for the heads up on how to be a cheater!

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