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Crowd funding: Motives

John Legend Performs from TFA 20th Anniversary Summit on Vimeo.

Before I pitch my project there are a few more items to cover in the crowd funding series. Here is one of the most important lessons I’ve learned in life. Maya Angelou said it best: people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Think about that for a few moments……

Okay. Motives have a lot to do with our success. Sure we could be people with out character and passion. But where would this get us? Nowhere.


What good does it do us to chase, pursue, hunt, go hard after, grind, stay up long nights, sacrifice, and whole lot of other reasons if we don’t have a deep passion for what we are doing? Senseless. Again-  SENSELESS.

For this reason, I publishing this post late tonight, as tired as I am. My reason for NowJax is to help uplift our community through social media. Will it work. I believe so. I wrote about this yesterday.

It is far time for us to keep spending our wheels on things do not matter. There has been too much of this going on, for too long. I have made a deliberate attempt to go after what I know I can do to make a difference. We all have a part to play. Will you answer the call?

Forget the resources excuse. Start where you are and go get them.

Forget the time excuse. Stay up longer.

Forget the relationships excuse. Build them.

Our motives and passions will be transferable to the community around our efforts. I have seen it happen too often to believe anything else.

I am deeply moved by the next generation’s ability to have a hand up to dream, do, become. Maybe it’s because I am a former teacher. I know I have a responsibility to answer the call to action. The video above speaks to the flame I’m feeling inside to make an impact. I hope you are inspired too.

Good night.

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