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Moving Forward- Ricardo Sanchez

Just over a month ago, I made a blog post including the song below about Freedom in Christ.

As men, we have a place, or better yet, a moment when certain things must cease. Whether they be childish behavior, poor money decisions, dishonesty, poor communication skills, lack of work ethic, etc; somethings just have to come to an end. Why? The full demonstration of all that God has intended for us to be will be stunted by our stubborness if we don’t let go of whatever is holding us back.

Letting go is not as easy done, as it is said. That’s why it’s key for us to rely on God’s help to assist us in all areas, especially those where we have the most struggle. Our past is just that- the past. While I write to you, I’m encouraging myself to push past whatever IT is to be all that God has purposed in life for us to be.

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