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Nationwide Tour Good Everyday

Last month I began the GOOD EVERYDAY project-push-campaign (I’m not into titles). The month was exciting to see how much good was being demonstrated in the earth. I gave 29 of the 31 days of the month of October.

I’m still thinking through the process of  the best strategy when and how the giving will work. I prefer to give it to an individual, but with out having the ability to ensure that the GOOD will be ed on a daily basis it doesn’t make for good proof of what’s being done.

So here is the plan moving forward… A NATIONWIDE TOUR. Really? Yep. Every state. Every Jurisdiction. The plan is to give to an organization in each state  around the country in alphabetical order. The focus of the organizations must have a youth component. Because of technology, I can stay here in Jacksonville and visit each state (virtually). Nice isn’t it? I think so.

When does the bus role out? 🙂 Saturday, the fun begins. First stop, my home state Alabama! This tour will last until 12/31/10. Every state. Every Jurisdiction. You ready? I am. Buckle up. This will be fun 🙂

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