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NBA Season Opener Talk Will Become Action

The NBA Season is here. Am I excited? Yes! The marquee matchup tonight between the Celtics and Heat is sure to be one of the most memorable  season openers. I’ve posted the video below because of a phrase at the end of the game hype builder…..”talk will become _____________.”

For the past 25 days I’ve tried earnestly to let my actions do the talking. GOOD Everyday has inpsired me to push further to help bring awareness to causes that I’m passionate about and to do more in a significant way. I am still thinking through some of the ideas, but I know that mere thinking about ideas doesn’t get anything accomplished. You must do something. I tweet– Prayer. Hard work. Hustle. It’s true! Nothing in life (at least in mine) comes easy. Persevere. Turn your frustration into fruit.

Leave a comment. Finish the sentence. “Talk will become __________.”

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