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One Day

What if one day early 2012:

  1. Entrepreneurs could build lasting connections to launch their creative projects
  2. Entrepreneurs could link with venture and angel capitalists to launch their creative projects
  3. Entrepreneurs could find and partner with the missing pieces of the puzzle for their team.
  4. Entrepreneurs could be inspired from testimonies of successful entrepreneurs
  5. Entrepreneurs could be immersed in a charged environment that inspires their innermost creativity.
  6. Social entrepreneurs could shake hands with others that are using their platforms to solve real problems and make difference in the world.
  7. Social entrepreneurs could learn best practices to become more effective and more sustainable
  8. Social entrepreneurs could be empowered with knowledge to make good profit.
  9. Creatives could be challenged to stop being good and focus on being great.
  10. Creatives could learn that the places of discomfort are often the birthing place for something extraordinary.

This is a portion of what I see when I think of NowJax. Please go cast your vote now with your Facebook like. Thank you for your support. Here is the link…

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