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Outcomes of NowJax

Outcomes are like goals. They help you to see what you are aiming for in your target. Today, I want to share a few of the outcomes I hope to see.

Moving forward with sharing thoughts about happenings with NowJax….

As a former teacher, I am a huge proponent of being a life long learner. In my attempt to impact the conversation about new jobs it’s imperative to equip people with the knowledge to to achieve their goals.

Much can be said about those that have accomplished much in the sphere of entrepreneurism. One thing that I know doesn’t go unnoticed is their acumen about whatever it is that their doing. We must be subject matter experts to a large degree.

Why? You don’t know what you don’t know. Helping individuals get access to funding is a huge part of what I am pushing for in this effort. I am tired of seeing people (including myself) trip-fail-stumble-give up because they have the idea, but no collateral to move forward. I along with you are going to change this in Jacksonville.

Here are some of the outcomes I am aiming for:

Access to knowledge about pitching your ideas effectively

Connections with investors who can help your vision thrive

Informed participants who will leave with a strategic road map to launch their project 

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