I don’t know much about all of the churches listed below. However, the I-services that I’ve attended from a few them have been very inspiring.┬áThis list, I imagine will be a lot longer in the years ahead. There is much talk about the effectiveness of online ministry. And I could certainly add to that conversation this morning, but I’ll let you browse through the list below first.

It just makes more sense to be able to speak intelligently about a topic versus random babble.

For more on this topic you can visit www.equipthem.info it’s where I got this list from!

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Goal setting is a must for anyone who desires to accomplish anything in life. Monitoring your milestones and progress helps to add fuel to the fire for your passions.
The pictures in this post represent various sports- all with one word in mind: GOAL. Each of the respective sports have a different meaning for the word goal. Which leads to the thought that it’s not the same for the basketball team, the hockey team, or the football team, not even the soccer team to score a goal. Different strategies, different personnel with a variety of role and responsibilities all play a factor for the specific sport.
The point is if soccer isn’t your thing, don’t measure your success or failure by the hockey team scoring a goal. The two are totally different.
It’s important to keep in mind YOUR personal goals. That’s what matters!
I’m praying for you that you stay true to your God-given goals. Go live!

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