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Have you ever wondered why my blog looks the way it does or why I chose this website over all the other options out there? You’ve probably heard me talk about my site running on WordPress. But that’s only part of the story. On top of WordPress I run a premium blogging product called Standard Theme. Now I am using Standard Theme Version 3. It adds a significant set of enhancements to WordPress.

Without a theme like Standard, I would have to get a programmer to accomplish the same things.

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35 Plus Images To Remind You Of 4th Of July

Happy Birthday America! Today is the day we celebrate the birth of our nation. Family, friends, fireworks….and good food are on the list for most people today. Hopefully, you will unplug and relax today!

Here a few images I have pulled together 35 plus images to help you get in the grubbing mode (aka eating – lol ­čÖé ). Are you ready? Warning, these images may make you hungry, very hungry!

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Seven Images Of Courage Via Instagram

As we walk through the process of growing closer to our goals and achieving success it is important that we maintain a healthy level of courage. Without courage even our best intentions may disappear like a vapor. Courage will be the inner motor that pushes our will forward even when we think we are least capable of doing something beyond ourselves.

I pulled together seven powerful images of courage via Instagram. I hope they inspire you, as they have inspired me.

See more inspiration after the jump…

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Entrepreneur Insight

Wisdom is key in all areas of life. There is no substitute for it. We must seek to apply it in every day of our lives. It’s one of the reasons why I am reading a different book each month this year. You can read my thoughts about the latest read Rework.

The web is also full of individuals sharing knowledge about many things. For today’s post I pulled together vital points from some filters you may know and not know around the topic of entrepreneurship. Here is what they had to say….


Entrepreneur Insight

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Entrepreneurs + Leaders: Eat right and exercise, even when you’re busy. You cannot afford to be sick and lethargic. Honor your instrument.Lisa Nicole Bell
Change is not always progress, but progress always requires change. #kingdombiz #prosperonpurposePaul Wilson Jr
If you find you are not enjoying what you are doing as entrepreneur…change course! That’s why you are an #entrepreneur, remember!? ;)Pam Moore
#entrepreneur ´┐Ż´┐Żlittlemissching
Update @JAXChamber Don’t let the setbacks stop you. If you can persevere and do what’s necessary you can be an entrepreneur. Rick Sontag.Carlton L Robinson
FACT: If you are in business, you are in #SALES! Every successful entrepreneur learned how to sell what s/he has to offer!Adam Urbanski
#passion #startup #entrepreneurQuospire

What are some the points that stand out to you about being an entrepreneur?


I Read Rework By The Founders Of 37 Signals

Just finished reading Rework from the founders of 37 Signals. Good read. Against the grain from the way most companies are run. #fb
Dewitt Robinson

I just finished reading 37 Signals from the founders of 37 Signals. Why? Well, it is one of my goals to read a different book each month this year. Also, I picked up a copy because I want to learn from successful entrepreneurs. Their path and ultimate progress to “shipping” their products.

It is unlike anything I have ever read or experienced in any workplace setting. I am almost certain it goes against the grain from the way most companies are run. The read suggests…

  1. People go home at 5
  2. Ignore common, repeated meetings for the sake of meeting
  3. Ignore resumes
  4. “Undo Competition”
  5. Hire when it hurts
  6. Get your product out there first
  7. Don’t imitate your competition (one of my favorites)

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