Truly Inspirational….. “your dreams are powered by you”- Les Miles. Continue Reading…

If you desire to go where you haven’t been you must be willing to do something you have never done before.

The best way sometimes is just simply to start somewhere. You never know what resources and people will come to your aid once you make the first step. For too many (myself included) make the mistake that we believe we must have all the details sorted out before we begin the journey. False. Plan? Yes. All the details and journey? Not always. Continue Reading…

How much good can be done with one dollar?

I think more than we care to acknowledge at times. Sure the capacity of $100, $1,000, and $10,000 is greater. Yet the base of all these is $1. Get the picture? I do. And have experimented with a personal campaign to do good around the country…called Good Everyday.

What if the same principle could be implemented to do good in Jacksonville?

According to Wikipedia, my city is 885 square miles. Check out the screenshot below. Continue Reading…

For The Good Of The Community


Developing significant community work excites me! This is one of the reasons I am so intrigued about Microgrants. It is easy for me to see how much good can be done with just a little. I mean how far can you stretch 1k, $500, or even $100 to make your community better? I believe it can go further than what most people think.

It is not enough for me to simply believe this. I must do my part in helping to make sure it becomes a reality. I hope to make a mark in this city that makes GOOD like what it is….G-O-O-D.

I have 30 days remaining in my BlogX journey to make good on a promise to launch something that empowers the community. Let’s go!


This video, as adequate as it is, doesn’t hit the spot for how passionate I am about impacting the community. However, I must say it does come close. Very close. I firmly believe that in order for our communities to improve and prosper there must be a stand of responsible people that will engage in the work to make a significant difference in the lives of others. Don’t get me wrong, there is an equal part to play in each of us.

My point is that many have the heart to do good, yet may lack the skill to get the work done. Or the may have the heart and the skill, yet lack the navigational skills to bring them to a place of contentment with where they want to be in life. We all have a journey to take in life. By no means have I arrived. I press to be all HE desires for me to be. What intrigues me about this video is the good work taking place to help individuals with microgrants. Not loans, grants. The grants come along with coaching and mentoring too.

The work of Microgrants looks like a tremendous example of social enterprise. For more information about this effort click here.

I continue my quest to make an impact in this I love- Jacksonville, FL.