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5 Tips For Part-time Church Planters

For all the part-time church planters here are a few tips that I’ve found to be helpful. I know it’s not easy….sometimes you feel as if you’re living in two different worlds. I’ve tried to make this list short and to the point as much as possible. I too have to be at work this morning…….here they are:

1. Take time to rest. You may not always be able to to get 7-8 hours of sleep each night. But try to not to have too many nights of 3-5 hours of rest. Your body is not a robot. Get rest- revive yourself.

2. Pace yourself. This is not always easy because you have less time to get done what needs to be done. Look for opportunities to move at a comfortable pace for getting things done.

3. Find a Mentor. Wow!  This is sooooo important. Relying solely on your gifts, talents, and abilities is not enough. You need the expertise of someone else to help you in life. Also, choose your mentor(s) wisely. This needs to be someone that adds value to your life. Don’t seek a mentor in the field Botany and your desiring to be Master Chef. The mentor needs to be someone in the life pathway your desiring.

4. Position yourself for the next step. Face it, life is meant to be lived in one direction: Forward. Always think about how you can position yourself for where God is leading. Having the right posture for change is key. You nor I can afford to stay where we are spiritually or naturally. Being sensitive to the Holy Spirit helps prepare us for what God is up to.

5. Value your family. Last, but certainly not least, your spouse and children will often be the only supporters that you have in dark moments. Don’t take them nor your time with them for granted. Too often, our families get the “left-overs” of our emotions, energy, and time. Remember, we are the one that said we believe God called us to the work of the ministry and ask our families to support us, not the other way around.

Love ya! Make it a great “tent-making” day!

Posted via email from Dewitt Robinson

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