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Crowd funding: The Pitch

I’m not an expert in crowd funding. I’m simply sharing what I’m discovering in the journey to launch a successful project. I’ve already mentioned my thoughts about Rockethub as a viable platform to accomplish your fundraising goals. If you missed the post, you can read it by clicking here. I hope you see what I see in RH and how it can help you and/or your organization.

Okay, now that I have selected a platform. What about the pitch? Regardless of what platform we use, we must have something to say and share that will make people want to support our efforts. You agree right? I thought so.

Ideas must be communicated in a clear, compelling manner. This is as much as I know about pitching ideas.

For the remainder of this post I will share with you what I have learned. As a former teacher, I am accustomed to presenting lessons in easy to understand ways. So here we go.

From  Eliot Loh on 500 Startups (click here to read the entire article) :

I think of an elevator pitch as more of a state of mind than an actual script. But if I had to propose a formula, it would look something like this:

We solve [problem] by providing[advantage], to help [target] accomplish[target’s goal].

There you have it. The start to constructing a successful elevator pitch.

Let’s break it down a bit:

  • We- define who you are
  • problem- know specifically what you plan to address (and why)
  • providing- make sure you have the skill set to do whatever you claim to solve
  • to help- please make sure your motives are pure on this one
  • accomplish- know your intended outcomes/goals. This will help with vision casting.

I wish there was more I could write. But I’m learning too in this process. I hope we grow together for a huge successful endeavor.


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