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People Need Funding To Launch Their Projects

This Is Going To Be One For The Ages!


In Jacksonville, there needs to be a dialogue that fosters insightful discussions about ways to create jobs ….now (in my opinion). The more I speak with individuals, there isn’t a lack or shortage of ideas about starting their own business or non-proft.

Most folks that I speak with have a shortage of funding to get started. No matter how cool you think your idea is at some point your going to need capital. Whether it be signing a lease for your salon, getting server space for the app your building, or upgrading your laptop for your mobile video service. Having grandma’s blessing is good. She has always been there to encourage you. However, this must translate into something tangible. How do you know how to access the resources needed? This is one of the questions I hope to answer. I am even being sober minded about this process. Without the exposure that will come as a result of working with Feeling Anxious PR, there may not be a symposium. Yeah I know, this is a lot of weight on one contest. The reality is….I have no money either to host it.That’s why the “Be Almost Famous ” Opportunity is so key.

I could care less about people knowing who I am. I want the participants to be known…for the problems that solve. Who knew that solving problems could be a job creator? The bigger the problem you solve the more business and service you will provide.
I hope the environment, discussion, and networking contribute to something that makes people come alive with their entrepreneurial efforts. Not just a tiny spark, but a major boost to make something great happen in our life time.

Over the next few days I hope share more in-depth details about this event. I look forward to the journey.

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