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Create Your Own Relevance

The thought that you must be relevant to be considered serious is in many ways true. Our relevance can come in many ways. Here are three for short:

  • Subject matter expertise
  • Personal experience
  • Our ability to practice what we know about the area with success.

The purpose of this blog post is not to talk so much about how to be relevant as it is to encourage us to create our own relevance. My entry into the Rockethub Launchpad Opportunity is somewhat off the beaten path. My background is in public education. The more I think about my project the more I wonder if I am too off base. This thoughts quickly become dismissed because I know I have the intentions to help people create jobs.

You and I have the ability to create our own level of relevance in life. It’s up to us. How do we create a level of relevance that will yield the results that we desire or even greater? For me, it’s coming through personal experience. Yep, I’m using my trials and trips of entrepreneurship as fuel for my creative project. I figure if I can help someone get over the hurdle of getting access to the funding needed to launch their creative projects I would have done well. At least I hope so.

Our stories of triumph or disaster have a powerful on impact on people. The testimony of __________ can be the best strategy to work for you and I. Yes, we may have to open up more than we are willing to because of our concerns for perception, but who cares. We have too much work to do in the earth.

The simplest way (in my opinion) to walk in to relevance is by sharing your story. Start today.

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