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A How To Guide For A Church And School Partnership

So what do partnerships between churches and faith-based organizations look like? I’m sure there are various models. Here’s one example- Urban Breakthrough Ministries.

Continuing my study and blogging about effective partnerships I came across another resource. This is not my work, but in my research I came across Connexions.There is a wealth of information about Education matters there. I hope this helps. I’ve uploaded it to so you can share it with others too. Read it and do something (to fit your efforts)!

Schools Connecting With Churches to Support Student Achievement

Source: Walton, Roy. Schools Connecting with Churches to Support Student Achievement. Connexions. 8 July 2007 .

Clearly Roy has provided background information as well as a step by step guide to get started with your school partnership.

Let me know in the comments section if this is a help.

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