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The Script For My Creative Project

What does the script look like for a creative project to inspire and motivate a city…read the script below.

Hi! I’m Dewitt Robinson, I want to host an event that solves the problem of getting funding for early stage projects. I want to bring two members of the Rockethub team to my city for a 1 day, intense and empowering session. Specifically, a start up event for the next generation of thought leaders in our city.  Topics will include the idea stage and fundraising. Yes, it sounds like a huge task, but I am up for it.
Yes, it may sound like the other national and international events. However, my focus is on helping those that do business in Jacksonville. That’s why it’s called NowJax!
I need help to increase our exposure to raise the funds to cover the cost of the speakers and their accommodations. Not too mention, funds are needed to rent the facility and marketing.
The purpose of NowJax is to inform, engage, and motivate inspiring start ups.  Additionally, to spark a movement in our city of creativity and job creation. Who else better to share other than the team that has built a platform to do just that?
I’ve searched throughout the blogosphere in our city. To date- there is nothing else like it in our community. The funds will help me take my efforts to a new level of exposure and impact for those that need assistance getting off the ground. Help me launch the project in early 2012.
There it is…one step closer.

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