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Shifting NowJax

As I mentioned in one of my more recent posts I feel an urge to change up the focus for my creative project on Rockethub.

The birthplace of passion is often discovered by failing. It’s not good enough just to do something for the sake of it. We have to be great at what we do. Excellence is not an option. Excellence, not only in our endeavors, but also in the motivations behind our efforts.

We can waste time complaining about what we don’t have or we can simply move forward with what we have and make a difference.

Who you are and what you will be come are two separate things. Yes, go forward be all that you desire to become. This is the message I keep remind myself of and Isimply want to encourage you.

Start today with simple small steps to move towards that goal.

All in all, you will likely see a  shift in focus for my creative project on Rockethub. For better or worse, the time is now to move.

I know I may have some explaining to do. However, it’s no use in holding back from my goals. The only one I would be fooling is myself.

Ok, enough talk…action.

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