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Are Your Goals Bullseye?


The past few days I’ve spent a considerable amount of time about the direction and outcomes here. The good thing about planning is it allows you to see up close the image of something yet to come. Neat huh?

I don’t know of another way to get closer to your goals except through planning. Vision casting happens when you plan. Pitfalls are discovered (sometimes) when you plan. Resources appear when you plan.

Some years ago, I came across a resource that indicated our goals need to be SMART if we are going to achieve great result. Who doesn’t want to see results from their work?

The first goal should be Specific. We must state clearly what our intentions are.

Secondly, our goals must be measurable. This really helps us to define good, average, or great. Go get the measuring cup. LOL

Next, out goals must be attainable. Is it even possible to cook 10 pies in your home oven at one time? Or do you need a restaurant-style oven to launch your bakery venture?

Fourth, the goals  need to be realistic. I mean, come on! Can you really do this? Has to be a question in the forefront of your mind? Just a tip, think about how much time you need to accomplish this. Realistically speaking something require more time than others so you need to plan accordingly.

Fifth. Time. This is a bit different from the other components of your goals. Having time to finish. versus when you are going to finish what you set out to do are different in my opinion. That being said, set a deadline. Having this deadline will help you to celebrate and appreciate your goal accomplishment .

Hopefully, this helps you to finish your goals and have fun while doing it?

Share a comment what are the strategies or methods do you use to reach your goals?


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