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For some time now I have thought about a _____________-a-thon to raise awareness about the need for and to raise funds to support the purchase of technology resources for my class.

While details are still forming and coming together. I thought I would share with you the latest in my journey to transform my class into an active learning environment.

Below are five possible approaches to make it happen:

  1. Shoot 20K basketball shots for $20,000
  2. Dribble a basketball for 20 hours for $20,000
  3. Kick a soccer ball for 20 hours for $20,000
  4. Row 20 miles down the St. Johns River for $20,000
  5. Dance 20 hours (non-stop) for $20,000

Whatever the “thon,” the goal is very clear. What would you add as a viable option?

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