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Crowd funding: My Ultimate Source

Prayer Is Essential


Many of us have a source of strength to draw from. Where get inspiration and encouragement to carry out our life’s mission. For me, it is the word of God. While it’s important to have excellent work ethics and great relationships, it is of greater importance to honor God in all that I do.

I believe that crowd funding has the potential to help me get where I want NowJax to go. However, I believe that all things are possible to them that believe. Additionally, faith without works is dead. Oh and, I will not get it, if I don’t ask for it. Whatever it is!

God is my ultimate source.

This may seem a bit unusual to include in the crowd funding series. But if if I fail to acknowledge God in my plans. He may not include me in his.  Regardless, of what my goals may be.

There is no doubt that I can do this: complete a successful crowd funding project. I must keep things in their proper perspective.

We’ll continue building out this conversation. Enjoy the ride! This will be fun.

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