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Three Ways To Spread Your Message Through Others

It is a huge plus to have people/businesses/organizations who are willing to help you spread your message. The more spreading the message, the more impact and (hopefully) change.

Specifically, I have been in contact with a highly reputable media company that has proven success in helping campaigns. Their support has the potential to boost the “thon.”

Another local contact has been in the area of the venue selection. Well, my initial conversations have been very successful thus far. We are still in the process of identifying a suitable date. It’s very recognizable and it will attract support.

This small update is just to help you as I help myself….keep pushing. Add people/businesses/organizations to your cause that can help spread your message.

How, do you get people to spread your message? Here are three simple ways that may help you get started.

1. Be authentic. I have been very clear with everyone I speak with…teach at Jackson High School. JHS is in a challenging environment. We need technology resources. Don’t have access to funding.

2. Have a compelling story. I am not asking for a handout. I am willing to go to the extreme for my students…even if I look foolish. For the record…I am not doing this in the name of Duval County Public Schools. This is a self led initiative that will support my students who attend Jackson.

3. Give people a role to play in your journey. (self explanatory)

Keep pushing for what you believe in. You never know, the thing that you want to accomplish may open the door for others to fulfill their dreams. I hope that student engagement sky rockets. I hope student achievement sky rockets. Education technology is not just a thing, but a powerful resource to aid students in becoming productive citizens.

Does this help? What would you add?

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