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Have you ever wondered why my blog looks the way it does or why I chose this website over all the other options out there? You’ve probably heard me talk about my site running on WordPress. But that’s only part of the story. On top of WordPress I run a premium blogging product called Standard Theme. Now I am using Standard Theme Version 3. It adds a significant set of enhancements to WordPress.

Without a theme like Standard, I would have to get a programmer to accomplish the same things.

Standard 3 is a premium WordPress theme for professional publishers (and everyone else).

Top Features include:

  • Mobile Theme Ready
  • Child Theme Ready
  • Activity Tabs
  • Influence Widget
  • SEO Friendly

 Don’t take my word for it, read what other people have to say about using Standard Theme…

Standard Theme

Storified by Dewitt Robinson · Thu, Jul 05 2012 04:03:06

@8bit Standard Theme 3 working really nicely. Great work! Thanks!Johnny Winter
Standard Theme 3 just released! I switched almost all my WordPress blogs to using Standard Theme… and the improvements to version 3 has me thinking a change is in order – Really, checkout the demo and some of the sites that are using Standard Theme… wow! J Kettlewell
Just purchased a copy of Standard Theme 3 from @8Bit. Looking forward to putting it to good use!Jonathan Wold
<ala SNL>Oh my goodness…I was not expecting this…Standard Theme 3 released….and the blogosphere just got better. Smith
So excited about standard theme 3.0 Brandon Buchanan
I am going crazy! I have I wait until I get home to start my update to Standard Theme 3! Stop toying with my emotions. @tentblogger @8bitJacob K. Bluhm
Standard Theme, the slickest WordPress theme you&#39;ve ever used …Jul 29, 2010 … In the world of WordPress themes, there are a ton of choices. I&#39;m a big, BIG fan of Standard Theme, so when I hear…
@mlukaszewski @garylamb gray i’m using the standard theme and it rocks bro.Steve Wright

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