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Standard Theme

Ever wonder what theme I use to run this blog? It is the Standard Theme from 8bit. Check out the video below.

Have you ever wondered why my blog looks the way it does or why I chose this website over all the other options out there? You’ve probably heard me talk about my site running on WordPress. But that’s only part of the story. On top of WordPress I run a premium blogging product called Standard Theme. It adds a significant set of enhancements to WordPress.

Without a theme like Standard, I would have to get a programmer to accomplish the same things.

The 8bit Team has other themes also.

Pro Photo
This is a WordPress theme for Photographers that makes it easy to organize and show off your photos. With Pro Photo, 8BIT introduced the concept of Collections, an unbelievably intuitive way to organize your work. The theme represents a leap forward in Photography themes by making it easy to get set up, and letting you focus on taking pictures. In fact, without ever touching a shortcode, you can present your collections using thumbnails, albums, or a beautiful gallery. If you’re a photographer who is still using Flickr or Facebook to display your photos, maybe it’s time to invest in Pro Photo.

Developer Theme
If a theme could have glasses and a pocket protector, this one would. It’s built for programmers who want to show off their code in a simple, clear format. It takes syntax highlighting to a whole new level, by supporting over 100 languages and 8 different color schemes. Speaking of color schemes, Developer Theme ships with 5 different layout configurations, which will keep your code looking beautiful and unique.

Technical Support
Not only does 8BIT offer exceptional products, but they also offer an industry leading support license on all their themes. This upgrade includes support from the 8BIT community of WordPress experts and lifetime updates to the theme. For example, the Standard Theme has been updated 6 times since it’s release, making the support license a no-brainer.

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