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I’m so pumped about Community Service Project #2- Family Movie Night. Before I continue allow me to digress for a moment… the following are my most recent Twitter posts. I thought they might be of help to someone.

  • I have a personal philosophy…”Know what you do, do what you do, do it well.”
  • Don’t be guilty of retreating from the plan that God has given you. It is HIM (God our maker) that gets the credit for it all!
  • Please remember to affirm your words by your actions!
  • Whatever you’re doing right now should bring you closer to your destiny, if not- STOP!
  • I’m not sure why I’m tweeting so much before midnight, but I feel that many don’t know the potential that lies within us to do great things
  • Never DOUBT!
  • We must KEEP THE FAITH!
  • God is able to do more through us than we could possibly ask or think
  • despite the economy, we are living in the days of possibilities
  • I’m in the process of firming up the details for the event to ensure that everything is in place as much as possible. I’m grateful for the administration of the school. They have been extremely supportive throught this process. It helps when you have people that desire to be helped.

    Again, my desire is to really help show engagement among families. The “Yellow Jacket” community is on the rise. I want to be part of the process that helps them get to the next level. Whenever, the church takes its rightful place in our communities the world will be a much better place.

    Go Yellow Jackets!

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