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5 Hopes For The Church And Believers In 2010

As we prepare to close out 2009 and move into 2010 I’e been thinking about a post to close the year out. Unfortunately, I couldn’t think of just one- so here are my “5 Hopes.” They are as wide and varied as this picture.

Maybe I didn’t select the right picture, but it stood out for so many reasons. Often the church and believers are in a rapid current…where to- I wonder? Let’s keep our focus on God and leading people to him through Jesus.

1. I hope the church as a whole begins to be more of answer as opposed to constantly talking about the problem.

2. I hope the church becomes more of a place of change as opposed to competition.

3. I hope the church becomes more of a place that heals and helps as opposed to hinders and halts.

4. I hope believers around the world stand up for who we are as opposed to simply blending in for the sake of being called “relevant.”  

5. I hope believers impact culture more than being influnced by it.

What are your hopes for the church in 2010?

Posted via email from Dewitt Robinson


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