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We Are The World- 3 different remakes










I’m not a singer, nor am I a musician…..but I accept the different remakes of this song. As I’ve watched these videos I couldn’t help but think about the church (and the need to continue to support Haiti). Too often we divide ourselves based on minutia that doesn’t add up to anything.



Because one ministry may express themselves during worship one way or another-sometimes this is used as a basis to pick affliations to affirm or denounce one’s validity.


How can we as the church continue to operate like this?


Yes, I have my preference of music. However, I’m mature enough to know that we all have different tastes. Just because one may prefer pop to hip-hop doesn’t give anyone the grounds to bash another genre in a I’m-better-than-you attitude because I do music like this.


What are your thoughts on the different remakes?



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Assorted Pens And The Church

If I don’t address this, then to some degree it makes me a coward about talking about sensitive issues particularly within the church. For the few, soon-to-be church planters, that are reading this I only hope to shed some light on a deep lurking issue within the church world that exists. We are not all the same like the ink pens above. We have different tastes and preferences. But why should we should not be able to work together along the lines of what unites us rather than divide us. Don’t t the ink pens have the same function? And provide the same service?

 Recently, I’ve been in talks with a local bible college about allowing some of its students to help with the launch of Image Church. My initial phone conversation with the person responsible for setting up student internships went well. Our follow up face-to-face meeting went well. The person asked that I send information about the church plant…they really liked the level of detail. Here’s where it gets mucky…the same person responsible for student internships asked that I provide a doctrinal statement- I did. I received a follow up email stating that because of doctrinal “conflicts” they would not be allowed to partner. I respect their position not to want to partner because of the “conflicts.” However, if I don’t agree with everything you say must I be cast aside?

 Here is what frustrates me more than anything about the church today…. It appears difficult for the church to agree on anything.
To all the future church planters…. I can’t tell you the number of responses from Christiansing (and even some church planting groups) that have been real thought benders. Most Christians have only been concerned about:

 1. What area of the city I’m going to be in? Which translates into “Don’t step on my turf.”
2. Do you believe women are called to be pastors? Which translates into “You’re a liberal.”
3. What’s your denomination? Which translates into “What fraternity do you belong to?”
4. What’s your doctrinal position? Yes the bible is clear that the word is for doctrine. But I’m discovering that some are using this  as a tool of division.

 Only three people have said anything about reaching people for God. Isn’t that our main focus?

 My tidbit of advice is to you is to keep your motives pure and stay focused- don’t allow nuances to distract you from what God has told you to do.

 What have been some of your experiences?

Posted via email from Dewitt Robinson


Racial and Ethnic Disparities Report

Hopefully, you’re reading this today after church. It frustrates me to know that these problems exist. I’m sure it will for you too after reading this report. The church is called to be the answer to society’s ills. We must do something to help change the course for many unprepared, disadvantaged children.

I’ve been thinking about this post for quite some time. I read this report (portions of it) months ago. When I started, so much of it was discomforting that I stopped. If you’re really concerned about the future of all Jacksonville’s next generation…this is definitely a file that you should keep on hand. It will either be the fuel you need to Be The Change. Perhaps, it might make you sick to your stomach- to do nothing.

I’m not one to believe that you always have to have an official report to answer a call to action. But this report compiled by the Jacksonville’s Children’s Commission has all the data and professional expertise you need to get up and get moving. It’s called “The Racial And Ethnic Disparities Report.”

In it you’ll discover many of the systematic reasons why so many children perform better in life (not just school) than do others.

Click here. Get up and do something now!

What are your thoughts after reading this?

Pic by Vox EFX

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Diversity is a beautiful thing

Yesterday, I was part of a Very Big Community service project. About 25 (mostly young) people completed a smaller version of Extreme Makeover as a final project for Blueprint For Leadership. If you've followed my tweets, you've probably heard me mention my involvement with this year's class. We did a massive clothing drive, renovated a seemingly unrepairable courtyard, and really "souped up" three bedrooms-just to name a few. All of this was to benefit a worthy organization- Community Connections of Jacksonville.

The upgrades were nice, but that's not the best part! In my opinion, the beauty of the entire project was a diverse group of individuals working together for a common goal. Out of the group, I only knew two prior to starting the non-proft leadership training in January. Male-female, black-white-middle eastern, corporate-non-profit sector, young and younger- LOL. It was simply amazing to see us learn from each other, disagree with each other, laugh with each other, and grow with each other. 

Individuals of diverse backgrounds can work together, but they must be willing to do so. I discovered four things about being part of Blueprint For Leadership's 2009 service project yesterday:

1. In human diversity is the creativity of God. Picture above by Estherase

2. Leaders can work with other leaders

3. Our differences, is often what strengthens our synergy

4. People put up walls invisible walls of separation, but God made love, and is love, to conquer all

What have you learned about working in diverse group settings?

Posted via web from Dewitt Robinson


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