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Have you ever heard of the Unreasoanble Institute? If not, watch this.

The World’s Most Unreasonable Trailer from Unreasonable Institute on Vimeo.

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Well, we rolled into West Virginia today. A Bing search produced results for an amazing organization known as Daymark.

According to their site:

For more than thirty-five years, DAYMARK has been serving youth and families within the Greater Kanawha Valley and all of West Virginia. DAYMARK was founded in 1974 by the Junior League, the First Presbyterian Church of Charleston, and the Kanawha County Commission. Although the agency has grown, its original mission has stayed the same: to advocate and provide services for at-risk youth and their families in the community.

One of their featured programs is Patchwork.

Patchwork is open all the time and anyone 11 – 18 can go there. You can call and talk to a counselor about how to get along better with your parents. Your parents can call and talk to a counselor about how to get along better with you. If you need a place to stay, you can stay there for up to fifteen days.

Nice work huh? I think so. The tour rolls on into Wisconsin tomorrow.

Can you believe it’s been 83 days going, and we’re still going strong? Our tour stops in Washington today. Something that I haven’t typically done is donate to churches. However, I felt compelled to sow in the ministry of Quest Church, specifically their community development fund.  The church is demonstrating GOOD in a phenomenal way.

Intro to Quest Foundations from Quest Church on Vimeo.

For more information visit