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First Seven Of Good Everyday

If you’ve been following my tweets or reading my blog here over the past few days you probably noticed that I’ve embarked on a new effort. For sake of time, you can read it on this page. It’s true! Everyday since October 1 I have given $1 to an individual or organization. I even spoke with a local news station about it today. Funny how that sort of thing happens 🙂

The goal is to simply share the light that GOOD can happen everyday with just a little. My little may be different from your little. The point isn’t the amount, but that we demonstrate GOOD. Got it? Good.

This post is to simply highlight the week. Hopefully I will get better at this as time goes on. Here it is:

Day 1- $1 given to someone who hasn’t provided pics yet of what GOOD he did

Day 2- $1 given to Evan Green Here are the pics

Day 3- $1 given Terence Lester. He gave his dollar to this guy

Day 4- $1 given to another dude who hasn’t replied

Day 5- $1 given to World Food Programs at this restaurant, because I ate chicken that night. I can’t find the receipt 🙁

Day 6- $1 given to ItsChance. You can read more about them here.

Day 7- $1 given to Family Promise Of Jacksonville. You can read more about them here.

So this was week one! Learned a lot. I will get better at telling this story. Be a giver. Peace.


Good Everyday

I have an idea that’s birthed out of frustration. Not too mention this idea is somewhat the premise for the book that I’m writing. As the economy changes, so have traditional routes of entrepreneurs evolved.

There has been an emergence of social enterprises, that not only do good, but are also considered for profit.

So here’s my idea…help as many people as I can, with as many micro-projects in the US as possible with only $1. That’s right, rather that’s it! I would like to grant 92 dreamers that want to see good happen in the earth by donating a small seed to see how much great work can be accomplished within 7 days.

So here is how it will work:

Step 1. I connect with dream-givers to give $1 towards a project.

Step 2. I donate the $1 from the dream-givers to the person who manages the project. The manager will be selected by referral (and competition as the project attention grows).

Step 3. The project manager has 7 days to complete the project with as much impact as humanly possible. The PM will leverage local partnerships, social media, and good ole’ fashion hard work to help as many people as possible with only one dollar- period.

Imagine a lunch item being purchased for a homeless person. Or how about a book purchased for a child with no books at home. Get this, it may even be buying gas for someone at the gas station. Who know where people’s frustration may lead them.

I need help with connecting with people willing to give $1 towards a project. And that will recruit one other person, and that person will recruit another person, and that person will recruit another person, until we get to 92 projects funded and completed. If I start today, this will carry me through December 31, 2010.

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