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Strive For Balance

I’m definitely learning a lot about technical stuff for online ministry. I’m by no means an expert, but I am discovering the importance of balance with this whole process.

Here recently, I’ve discovered that every graphic designer doesn’t know coding. And every coder doesn’t know how to design.

Both can be great at what they do, but when you’re in need of something looking nice versus the backend computer lanquage interpreting it, this is where the conversation can get mired if  you don’t look at situations from the perspective of the person with whom you’re communicating.

Point: strive for balance.

Love ya!

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Un-ordinary Path

Thisis  the sign that most people will give me when I talk about planting a church online. Let me be clear, is only starting out online. We plan to and will have a physical location. Even as I type this short blog post, I’m sitting in my office.
I’d rather be obedient to what I believe God has called me to do with his directions and blueprint, as oppossed to the best conceived plan by man. Don’t get me wrong! I highly respect the steps people have taken when it comes to planting a church. Those ideas just aren’t the route that I’m to take.
True, if I help lead no people to God or if there is fruit because of the ministry, we’ll all know if I was obedient or insane.
For reference about unordinary paths…read Noah’s story in Genesis regarding buidling the ark to save the  world. How unordinary was his task, especially when it had never rained before?

Posted via email from Dewitt Robinson


HIS Path

For nearly two years I’ve talked about church planting. Much to my disobedience it hasn’t produced, because I’ve been trying to do it my way or better yet like everyone else has done it.

Only my wife can testify to this…..
June of 2008 when I prayed about whether or not God was leading me in this direction, two things were clear: my meditation on Isaiah 42 and HIS voice that said “I want you to start out online.” At the time, and even most recently, I’ve tried to mirror some church planters. Have a vision, build a team, raise your support, identify a location, serve in the community, host pre-launch activities…Go!!

None of this has worked for me!

Am I trying to be different? No, but I am striving for obedience to HIS will concerning I’d rather trust HIS plan and HIS path than try to copy the best plan of someone else.

A bit nervous? Sure. Embarrased about all the false starts? a little.

So how do you turn around from past mistakes? I’ve learned a lesson from one of my favorite bible characters…I’ll share it with you tomorrow.

In the mean time is moving forward.

Posted via email from Dewitt Robinson


Digital Discipleship- Is It Possible?

I saw the post below at Church Crunch. As I move closer to the launch of our church it's essential to explore all viable options to help bring people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Digital Discipleship – Is it Possible?

One of the things that needs to be explored much greater and in much more detail is the possibility of using online technology as a medium of discipleship.

It’s very apparent to anyone that’s been in the space for a while (and that’s followed this blog) that the tools that are becoming, services, and applications are becoming better and more powerful as forms of communication. What was thought expensive and/or impossible technologically is now a reality.

Tools like Tokbox and a host of other live and real-time video chat tools are quickly being tested, adopted, used, and stretched. Mindy, the Vice President of Marketing at Tokbox recently sent me a video request for an interview because traditional local news outlets had “picked up” the story that evangelicals and “christian groups” were using their service in ways that were never necessarily intended.

Discipleship isn’t “one” of those, yet. But perhaps.

What would it take for someone who is passionate about pouring into other believers and who has the time, the motivation, and the technical know-how to do it through online video?

Honestly? Not much. I think the technology has arrived. In fact, I know it’s here and the idea has been used. Ask Tony Steward and his online small group called “The United Life Nerd Group”. He’s been pouring into a group for weeks, leading them in prayer, study of the word, and encouraging them to use technology missionally.

Now, he hasn’t called it “discipleship” but functionally he’s performed the role. Semantics? Maybe. But that’s not the point.

It’s something to take seriously. I am. Seriously.

I am very interested in taking a limited number of bloggers and pouring into them deeply and train them to be powerful communicators through the blogging medium. I’ve already begun to formulate a loose curriculum of about 8-12 weeks where I’d “digitally-disciple” through online tools like TokBox how to become the best darn technoevangelist blogger possible.

I’ve also thought about doing one for WordPress…

Would that be something you’re interested in?

Digital Discipleship is possible and powerful. I think we should start doing it.

Posted via web from Dewitt Robinson


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