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Anthony Evans- “Immanuel”

Immanuel…God with Us. I’m excited, not; I’m sooo pumped about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. God is is still with us despite what’s going on in the world. This video is a perfect reminder of the everyday examples of how God manifests His love for us.

Enjoy Anthony Evans ministry in song. Spread the word- God Is With US now!

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It’s Time

Happy New Year!It’s time. The ’09 is here. Life has it’s fair share of twists and turns. However, for every twist and turn there is a long shot of direction. God has blessed us to see a brand new year. We have no more excuses. This year we will launch It’s My Jax Church.

This will not come without sacrifice nor without persecution…I’m certain. I can’t let these and other nuances stop me from doing what I know God has called me to do. It’s time…..

Watch the dynamic duo, Mary Mary, for further instructions….

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