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START – John C Maxwell

Thank God 2010 is here. So you want to START, but struggling with the beginning point? Here are five tips to to get you going in the words of John C. Maxwell….

“1. Start With Yourself
As Gandhi famously said, “Be the change you want to be in the world.” By starting with yourself, you build the self-confidence needed to attract and inspire others. Leading yourself well is a precursor to accomplishment, and accomplishment earns respect.

In order to make deposits in the lives of followers, you have to have a beginning balance in your leadership account. Start leading by proving your mettle – to yourself and to prospective followers.”

“2. Start early
Sadly, many leaders squander their early years and spend the rest of their careers trying to make up for lost time. In leadership, as with finances, decisions made early in life accrue the most interest. When we choose poorly or establish bad habits, we put ourselves in debt. Then, we must not only repay our loans, but the interest on them as well. On the flip side, when we invest our time and talent wisely from a young age, we reap the benefits of compounding interest on our leadership.
Specifically, where should leaders start? What areas should take precedence at the beginning? From my experience there are 10 things you should do as a leader prior to reaching age 40:
1. Know yourself
2. Settle your family life
3. Determine your priorities
4. Develop your philosophy of life
5. Get physically fit
6. Learn your trade
7. Pay the price
8. Develop solid relationships
9. Prepare for the future
10. Find purpose for your life
If you’re over 40, it’s never to late to make improvements. Unfortunately, an old dog doesn’t easily learn new tricks. Undoing years of misplaced priorities and poor self-management will take extra effort.”

To read the other three tips click here.

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Start Again, Start Strong

A picture is worth a thousand words….whoever said that spoke truth. This picture speaks to me in so many ways I can’t list them all here right now. But just a bit of motivation this morning……
1. If at first you didn’t start they way you envisioned. Start again, and start strong.
2. Don’t be afraid to stand out.
3. Stay focused on your goals.
4. Life is full of people in the pack. Dare to be different.
5. God knows the plans He has for your life. He’s faithful, even when we’re not.

Posted via email from Dewitt Robinson


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