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A Slice About 500 Blog Posts

A Slice Is Sometimes Better Than The Whole

This is post #504 on my blog. I’m glad to have reached this milestone. To celebrate, I’m sharing what I know. Why? Because I didn’t get here on my own. Several bloggers have provided inspiration and insights about the powerful communication tool.

Here a few things that I’ve learned about blogging. This isn’t for the seasoned blogger, but for the beginner who needs some help just getting started. I wish I could share everything, but I’m only able to share a “slice” of what I know. Not because I’m trying to hold back, but because I want to share what I’m confident about and not steps that will have you all over the place. Here we go:

1. Time. It doesn’t happen over night. You can blog as much as you want. Once per day. Once per week. Just know individual results may vary. 🙂

2. Conistency. Many times I’ve thought about not blogging. Particularly during the time of the decision not to proceed with church planting. Consistency not only is regular updates, but it also includes staying true to who you are.

3. Blog Service. My blog is built on WordPress. I strongly recommend it. It’s the the most user friendly I’ve found. I’ve been from GoDaddy, to Typepad, to WordPress, to Posterous, and back now back to WP. It’s simply phenomenal.

4. Theme selection. I use the Standard Theme. The 8bit Network who developed the theme is awesome. I tell anyone if you’re looking for a resource to blend ministry with technology, they are a must. You should to add them to your list of blogs to follow.

5. Design. Currently, there is nothing spectacular going on here. Just a simple code change to alter the background to white it out. My focus is curating content.  Along, with design, use nice pictures. I get most of my pictures from Microsoft Office images.

6. Twitter. It’s a powerful tool for building your network and telling people about your blog. Use it! My app preference thus far is Tweetdeck- makes using Twitter very streamlined and organized.

7. Prayer. This is certainly not least. You should pray for your blog because it’s a reflection of you and your relationship with God. A blog is an online property and should be treated as such. It should be maintained just like the lawn and your home.

8. Mentor. You need someone to coach you or be a guide. This goes without saying. Consider John Saddington, curator of

So what’s next? I hope to add more video content and increase the community activity here. 

I hope these tips have helped! Peace!


Flickr And Good Everyday

Today marks Day #18 in the Good Everyday project. It’s been an interesting past 17 Days. We’ll see what happens for the remainder of the day. I acknowledge I haven’t done the best job showing where the $1 each day is going. Good thing I have the receipts.  I’m adding a component to help improve the way this project is shared.

It’s been said a picture is worth a thousand words. Thus, I created a Flickr group to show what GOOD is being done.

Strengthening this effort is core right now.

Do you have any experience with Flickr groups? How did Flickr help convey your message?


Virtual Schools Are Growing

Virtual schools ‘clicking’ for many students this school year (ARA) – A record number of students went back to school this year – without ever stepping foot inside a classroom. A growing number of virtual schools (also known as cyber schools or e-schools), combined with booming parent (and student) demand for high-quality virtual education, have more students than ever logging on, instead of boarding a school bus, this year. More than 2 million children in kindergarten through 12th grade are learning online, and their ranks are growing by almost 20 percent each year, according to research by Ambient Insight. Currently, 45 states have significant supplemental online learning programs, or full-time programs, in which students take most or all of their courses online.

“One reason families are turning to full-time virtual schools is that parents are seeking a more personalized education for their children, where students’ studies are tailored to their abilities and interests, and they can work at their own pace,” says Dr. Steven Guttentag, executive vice president and chief education officer for Connections Academy, a leading virtual school provider that offers both public and private virtual school programs. “Of course most importantly, they work. Students are achieving at high levels and matriculating into some of our nation’s best universities.” Many parents are drawn to the quality curriculum a virtual school can offer their student – and programs they might not have access to at the local brick-and-mortar school. The current economic climate has forced many neighborhood schools to eliminate programs like foreign language instruction, Advanced Placement (AP) courses and more. At the same time some virtual schools are adding courses like Mandarin Chinese and AP Chemistry. Continue Reading →


Shaun King And Twitchange

Pastor Shaun King of Atlanta, GA is leading an amazing effort to bring tangible relief to victims of the devastating earthquake in Haiti. And he’s doing it with Twitter! The first EVER celebrity tweet auction is taking place now. Check out the video below that was recorded yesterday for more information. Not only that, but you can participate by visiting

Either you’re part of the solution or part of the problem. Do something.


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