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Thank You BlogX

Today marks the 90th day of the BlogX experience spearheaded from fellow blogger John Saddington.

It is the end of something significant because of the accountability and the challenge to blog consistently, abandon certain practices, and improve strategically in others. My blog is better because of my time to learn from his extremely helpful advice.

Now the commitment has to be from me here on out. I recommend that you read John’s blog- Tentblogger. There is much substance and value to be added to your blog efforts from his content.

Below are my four major take-aways from the experience:

1. My blog is more focused with only eight categories as opposed to the 20 plus I had when I started.

2. My blog is more “sluggish.”  I have fixed 90% plus of the slugs in  my posts. Now you don’t have to worry about finding older posts with dates and other data.

3. My blog is lighter. I didn’t just deactivate some plugins that I was not using. I deleted them. Also, I deleted a background that was heavy in design.

4. My blog is positioned for growth. Watch what I tell ya 🙂

On another note….

A life lesson that I am repeatedly reminded of is the constant need for all of us to mentored by experienced, successful individuals in areas that are of concern to us. You can’t get there by yourself.  Take it for what it’s worth to you….but this is the truth. You.Can.Not.Get.There.By.Yourself.

I hope you have a great weekend!

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