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Crowd funding: The Pitch

Here's The Pitch


Today, is the day.

We are making the strategic action step I talked about yesterday. I am now writing about the pitch for the Rockethub project that I’ve mentioned here and here.

Here it is:

Hi! I’m Dewitt Robinson, help me launch a social media event in Jacksonville. I want to highlight the best of local content creators. Specifically, a blog about the next generation of thought leaders in our city. I want to provide daily-original content that inspires people. Yes, it sounds like a huge task but I am up for it. Yes, it may sound like the other national, wait international blogs. However, my focus is on those that call Duval County home.

I need help with raising the funds to purchase a nice laptop, to purchase a nice camera, and pay for web development.

The purpose is to help unify our city. To spark a movement in our city. It is going to be an honor and an amazing effort.

Blogs can be an effective tool to communicate ideas to inform, empower, and mobilize people. I’ve searched throughout the blogosphere in our city. To date- there is nothing else like it in our community. The funds will help us take our efforts to a new level of exposure and impact. Help us launch the project in our city.

The funding will help us excel in our plans. In return, you will be able to follow our journey online.

This is it. For the next 60 days I will blog about how the experience is going and how much money is being raised. I have added the amounts and what the rewards will be for your investment in this creative project.

Please come back to this blog often to share in the story about how I successfully funded the NowJax project with the crowd.




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