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Just A Few Thoughts

While we’re a fews days into the new year it’s important to keep faith at the center of it all life’s matters. Already, me like many of you, have felt the temptation to sway off course from what you know is important to accomplish in this season of life. To not become distracted is going to require much focus on what’s priority.

Thank God for his mercy when we fall of the path…..let’s not let this become a scapegoat constantly to slip up. Gotta keep the traction!

Consitency is another important aspect that can’t be overlooked. With just a few days until the first pre-launch activity it’s easy to get off track. With so much pushback to do what’s really possible from the powers that be….is beginning to get to make me wonder if this is really worth all the hassle.

We’ll see whether or not all of our efforts were worth the work put into receiving a great response.

Posted via web from Dewitt Robinson

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