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You Need Tools For Your Event

Everyone Needs Tools!


According to one of the bullet points in my overview of Creating A Social Media Event was “Twitter and hashtags.” My goal was to explain how these can be used to help move your event forward. Well, that’s not what we’re going to focus on today.

As oppossed to this focus. Let’s talk about the tools you need to help push forward with your event. Yes, tools. Tools are the things you need to help you accomplish it. Face it, you nor I can do everything. We need tools and people. We’ll discuss the importance of people later. For now let’s stick with tools.

Tools are vital to the success of whatever you plan to do. For me, for now, it’s the event. Three that I want to highlight are Twitter, Wufoo, and Standard Theme.

Blogging/Web Site

I’m not a designer (mentioned that before in this post). Thus, it’s important for me to have a tool that’s user friendly, and extremely flexible. For WordPress I use Standard Theme.  It’s powering the blog post you’re reading. 🙂

The Standard Theme 2 for WordPress Walkthrough from 8BIT on Vimeo.


With any event, you need a trust worthy tool to collect information. For me, for now, Wufoo has the green light! Why? Similar to Standard Theme, Wufoo is very user-friendly and flexible. Take a look at their promotional video below.


Social Media
Okay, if I’m talking about a social media event. I must use one the many available. For now, Twitter is the prominent platform being used. If you haven’t joined Twitter. Consider.

These are just a few of the tools we’re using to get the job done. For a newcomer to this arena, I can’t think of three that I more highly recommend.
So what tools do you use for your events?


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