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Touchdowns and Dreams

Ok, I know this may be old news as the Jaguars get set to play against the Seahawks tomorrow. But I was thinking last night about the parallels of scoring touchdowns and accomplishing your dreams in life.   Church planting for me was a very distant thought until the summer of last year. I just thought it was God’s plan for me to love Him, love people, and that was it. Yes, continue to provide for my family and excel in the workplace. But me- pastor-Naw! It’s a dream now…yep- God’s dream.
I thought about the past year and the number of setbacks my family and I have endured, I couldn’t help but think about scoring touchdowns. The Jaguars game really stood out especially because of the penalties (setbacks) they encountered throughout the game. It could have been easy for them just to rollover on the 3rd and long downs. But no- they kept fighting! And that’s what we have to do. We must be determined inspite of all the obstacles to faith-fight, yes I said faith-fight to accomplish our dreams.
Planting a successful church is a dream. I’m determined to faith-fight. Yes, there will be linemen, linebackers, not too mention defensive backs trying to prevent forward progress. But first down after first down, milestone after milestone, we’ll score a touch down (and many more); like successfully launching on 12.6.09.
Check out the recap of the game! Go Image Church and Go Jags! First down….move those chains, move those chains, move those chains!

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