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Twitter Integration For Educators

The school year is almost here. I have been thinking about ways I can incorporate social media into my classroom and add value to our teacher community. There are many platforms that could be used to increase student achievement. For this blog post I will stick with Twitter. How easy is it share in 140 characters or less? Very easy, in my opinion. Here is a quick list of seven ways you can integrate tweeting into your work as a teacher and professional educator. Let me know if this is helpful or if you would add something additional.

  1. Be accessible to parents to promote student learning
  2. Update my students about homework assignments
  3. Share resources with my colleagues
  4. Provide assistance for test preparation
  5. Have afterschool study sessions with hashtags around specific themes
  6. Share additional resources with students about world events with links to relevant, engaging news
  7. Share links to missed lessons for students when absent from class

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