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Un-ordinary Path

Thisis  the sign that most people will give me when I talk about planting a church online. Let me be clear, is only starting out online. We plan to and will have a physical location. Even as I type this short blog post, I’m sitting in my office.
I’d rather be obedient to what I believe God has called me to do with his directions and blueprint, as oppossed to the best conceived plan by man. Don’t get me wrong! I highly respect the steps people have taken when it comes to planting a church. Those ideas just aren’t the route that I’m to take.
True, if I help lead no people to God or if there is fruit because of the ministry, we’ll all know if I was obedient or insane.
For reference about unordinary paths…read Noah’s story in Genesis regarding buidling the ark to save the  world. How unordinary was his task, especially when it had never rained before?

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