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Video Blog Post: Blog Buddy

In response to John’s post about bloggers having someone encourage them to keep up the great work of blogging… is my second post by way of video. He suggests here that all you have to do is ASK!

Press play below to find out more.

Video Blog Post: Blog Buddy from Dewitt Robinson on Vimeo.

If you would like to join me on my blog journey or have a thought to share leave a comment below.

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  • thebeardedtrevor

    You are smooth with your video blogs. You are comfortable. I am encouraging my wife in her blogging. I hope she can be my blogging buddy. We shall see.

    Even if you do not end up with a specific blogging buddy, stay active in the blogging world (like with Tentblogger) and that will help you stay with it.

    Think Big.

  • Blane Young

    Dude, you should join me and Dave Sharpe's blogging team.

    We become "blogging buddies" after John's post and are looking for a few more people to make this thing bigger and better.

    Shoot me a DM on twitter and we will let you know what this looks like for us!

    Dig your content too man!

    • Dewitt Robinson

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  • dewittrobinson

    Thanks for reaching out Blane. Sending you DM shortly.

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