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What If?

Certainly, the above clip is inspiring! Especially, if you remember watching Michael Jordan during his time in the NBA. NBA 2K11 recently launched and has been all buzz because of #23. đŸ™‚

As I continue to walk this path of a TentBlogger some thoughts came to mind as a result of this video title….what if?

  • What if, I could do something everyday for the remainder of 2010 that I truly enjoy?

  • What if, I could be part of the process to show HIS glory in the earth?

  • What if, a small investment would make huge difference in the life of another individual?

  • What if, giving was not complicated?

  • What if, $1 ________________ ? (you fill in the blank)

Confirmed by this post. Giving is fun to me. Thus, I’m on a mission to tell the story of how much good can be done with $1.

Thanks for being part of the journey!

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