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Why NowJax

I am no expert in creating jobs. However, I am pretty well versed in the area of education and training. My experience in one of the country’s largest school districts provided many experiences from the classroom to the district administration.

Here is where I believe my greatest contribution to fostering dialogue about jobs and entrepreneurism will stem from right now- helping people find creative workforce solutions through funding. This may change in the near future. However, this is my focus for the purpose of the symposium

Why is this my focus? Because I have failed in this area.  I want to be able to help someone else succeed and overcome the same pitfalls.

I heard someone say if you find a way to help people you will never be without a job. There is truth in this statement. How can we grow if we don’t learn from one another?

This is why one of the outcomes of the symposium is to have members of the Rockethub team present at the event. I hope to have their knowledge of crowd funding be shared with the community at large, here in Jacksonville. As well as those who may be able to benefit online.

The goal is to: inform, engage, and empower.

The time is now to empower people with the tools they need to go accomplish their dreams. Yesterday’s methods may not be the same. Yet, the message may still remain true.

This is a little of the WHY behind Now Jax.

Please click this link to go vote now! If I don’t win, there will likely be no event. Your participation means everything. A portion of the voting depends on how many Facebook likes my project receives. You help to make the difference. Who konws how many lives will be changed because of your support. Click the link now.


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