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Archive | November, 2008

Just Grateful

Yesterday was absolutely tremendous! Great worship service! Great time with family and friends! My pastor actually spoke about the same thing I blogged earlier that morning. The work of the Holy Spirit is awesome. I often wonder sometimes what life would be like if He were not with us to lead us.As this year rapidly comes to a close, me like many of you, are in stride to complete some unfinished business. We all have our to-do lists. But I’m beginning to look back at many of the highs and lows this year has presented with much gratitude. If the Lord hadn’t been with me- where would I be? Afterall, it’s not what happens to us, it’s how we respond to what happens to us. Think about it…

If I can offer a word of encouragement…..whatever you do “DON’T GIVE UP!”

Having said that, watch this video clip by Pastor Marvin Sapp. Be Blessed!

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In Everything Give Thanks!

First, Happy Thanksgiving!I’m sitting here thinking of what I’m thankful for the most  or the top five things I want to give “big ups” about. The truth is, I’m thankful for all things. Just imagine if we all had a revelation of how important, at all times, to be glad about all that happens in life. How could we be depressed? How could we be worried? How could we complain?

The bible says, “In every thing give thanks.” This may not be a very popular scripture. And I’m not trying to be deep or overly spiritual about this today. I’m just truly grateful for everything……my wife, children, family, church home, legs, feet, hands, the sun, the good, the bad, the ugly, you get the picture.

But more importantly, is the fact that this is a commandment for the believer. We must give thanks in everything. So don’t worry about the struggling economy or anything that you’re “In” right now. Just give thanks always.

Here’s a video to help keep all this in perspective.

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Are You A Hero?

Are you a hero?There’s a buzz going on about the series that CNN has put together. Watch this brief interview with John Legend. In the last sentence he states that he likes the purpose of this effort because it challenges people to ask themselves….:”How much of yourself are you willing to give?”

Now ask yourself how much are you willing to give to what God has called you to do? If you’re not willing to give your all, you may not be a hero. Think about it. Now press play.

Embedded video from CNN Video

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Open Your Mouth!

On your mark. Get ready. Get Set. Go! How many times have we often heard these words declared? Well for me it’s a charge to keep. Yesterday my pastor PREACHED a powerful message about the power of the tongue. And the fact that we have authority to speak our future into existence was a revelation out of this world. I heard that phrase before, but how he explained it is definitely liberating.

From now on….literally the rest of my life. I must recognize the power that God has given me through the use of my tongue. Never sway from operating in my authority and declare HIS WORD over every situation that I face.

Proverbs 18:1 “Death and life [are] in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. ”

Speak life. Speak life. Speak life.

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