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Archive | December, 2008

Walking in Freedom

The past year has been awkard in many ways. While I’m not at liberty to fully disclose all the details, I hope my brief commentary¬†on a no so-talked-about topic helps.¬†Instead of complaining, I thought it best to write down my thoughts (with the help of others) about walking in Forgiveness. This is an area that we all can use some improvement in. Holding a grudge, being spiteful, etc, is not healthy. Yes, you may still be hurt by a betrayal of trust, a business deal turned sour, mistreatment by a spouse, or something went wrong in the church. I’m here to tell you bad things happen to everyone. With the help of God you need to find the strength to let it go, get rid of the seed, and move one with life. Do it now….LET IT GO!Forgiveness is a process. It doesn’t happen over night. Yes, I can hear you now saing, it’s not what fighting against, but who’s throwing the blows that makes life’s battles seem unbearable. I know exactly how you feel!

Below is the link to my free e-book to you. Click. Download. Read. Walk in your God-given freedom.

Love Ya!

Forgiveness by Dewitt Robinson

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Life Is Like

Life is like the weather was yesterday in Jacksonville. It was raining. It was sunny and bright. It was storming. It was col= d. Yes…all in one day.It’s up to us to be properly equipped, better yet, properly clothed to handle the various seasons of life. What is needed in the summer, isn’t necessary for the winter.

Also, as believ= ers we must take control of our thoughts and emotions as seasons change-and they will. God is the same whether it rains or it is dry. God is still the same in the spring and winter.

Gotta go…plate is full today.


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There is one thing that I am convinced of in life…well several. But one in particular- THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR PREPARATION.

The past two nights I had the opportunity to attend VisionMax 2008 at Pastor Michael Smith’s church. Totally awesome! What came to me was his depth of preparation to arrive at this point in his life.

Any of us considering to do anything at any level in life must consider the amount of effort it’s going to take to complete the task. After one of the sessions he asked the question in so many words- What must we become in order for us to complete the mandate on our life?

How much preparation? Are we wiling to processed? To go through the go through? Or do we want to do just enough to get by. I’m making a commitment to give it all I’ve got that God’s glory can be manifested in my life.

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