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Archive | October, 2009

Video Of The Impact Of Online Small Groups

Repeatedly, I’m reminded of the authenticity of relationships that can be established online. No, it doesn’t allow for you to reach out and touch someone, but the life-on-life possibilities are still the same. Here’s a video¬† for you to check out about the awesome impact online small groups can have on your spiritual development. After all, isn’t that the goal….to continuously develop our relationship with Christ.
Lool, listen, learn, let me know your thoughts.

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Directory Of Online Churches

I don’t know much about all of the churches listed below. However, the I-services that I’ve attended from a few them have been very inspiring.¬†This list, I imagine will be a lot longer in the years ahead. There is much talk about the effectiveness of online ministry. And I could certainly add to that conversation this morning, but I’ll let you browse through the list below first.

It just makes more sense to be able to speak intelligently about a topic versus random babble.

For more on this topic you can visit it’s where I got this list from!

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